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Dance Academy

We have regular Iranian dance classes for both adults and kids between 6 - 10. 

And seasonal intensives to learn a choreography for the performance or work on a certain dance notions.

You can book our performances here. 

HDA is seeking dancers to join the ensemble.


Iranian Classical Dance


Iranian national dance (or so-called classical) is a movement system, created during nation state building in Iran. It borrowed elements from diverse folkloric dances of Iran, social dancing and other forms of Iranian art; like miniature paintings, calligraphy and poetry. Smoothness in performing the movements and musicality are the fundamental features, while elegant hand and shoulder gestures and specific facial expressions are the specifications of this dance. 


Many practitioners try to be fiddle to the Iranian classical music (Dastgāh musical system), while new generation of performers prefer to use the more modern versions which goes beyond its classical forms and explore new modes.

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