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Join the Ensemble

In order to find a more global recognition and expand number of practitioners and viewers of this dance form, Hediyeh Dance Academy aims at creating an ensemble based in Norway. We are now seeking dancers/talented enthusiasts to join the ensemble. 


We train both dancers and non-dancers in this movement system and prepare them for performing in different festivals, concerts and art/cultural events. 


We are looking for dancers and dance enthusiasts with the following attributes: 


  • Fast movement learners; dancers of other genres and non-dancers with talent in learning and following movements are welcome to apply. 

  • Willing to make a long-term commitment; HDA aims at building up an ensemble that will perform over a series of performances. ​​


  • A generous approach to collaboration, uplifting others and willingness to contribute to the artistic process.


  • Availability; Rhearsals are two to three times per week. So, having at least 9 hours per week free for rehearsals is a requirement. 

How to Apply

Fill the following form and we will contact you.


Dancers will be payed based on the payment tariff of the Dance Union (NoDa). Since each project has its specific budget, dancers will be payed performance/project-based. 

Dancers wont get payed until they learn the necessary techniques to be able to step on the stage. 

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Contact Details

0047-96 711428

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